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Land Rover

Regulator/Rectifiers for Land Rover Vehicles

As a result of the success and popularity of the original Willys MB Jeep, automakers scrambled to cash in on the hype and attempted to outdo the iconic 4X4 with versions of their own.  One such version came from Britain’s legendary Rover Company, the Land Rover.  The original Series 1 Land Rover took what made the Willys MB Jeep such a hit and worked upon those foundations.  The Series 1 featured leaf-spring suspension with selectable two or four-wheel drive.  This drive layout proved to be so durable that in 1992, Land Rover claimed that 70% of those original trucks were still in use.  The automotive landscape after World War II saw a decline in the sales of luxury cars, which was Rover’s specialty.  The Series 1 was a stark contrast, foregoing luxury and opulence for rugged capability.  Originally designed as an agricultural vehicle, the Series 1 quickly grew to outsell Rover’s own high-end luxury cars.  Other models soon followed such as the Series II, IIA, and III, the Range Rover, Freelander, and the Range Rover which, ironically, began the Land Rover brand’s transference from hard-working, tough and unrefined to posh, comfortable, and luxurious.  Nowadays, as a part of India’s Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover produces some of the world’s most desired luxury 4X4s.  The current lineup consists of the Discovery 4 and Discovery Sport and the Range Rover line which includes the 4th generation Range Rover, the compact Range Rover Evoque and performance-oriented Range Rover Sport.

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