Automotive Terminal Block

The terminal block is a connection point for wires as an alternative to splicing. Passenger vehicles, especially with today’s advanced machines, feature sophisticated electrical systems for just about every function from powertrain and drivetrain control to the interior amenities. Cars and trucks come with terminal blocks already installed from the factory to accommodate the stock electrical system. If you’re looking to add some more additional equipment, such as a high-powered stereo or rally lights, you’re going to need to fortify the electrical system. This includes additional wiring which will necessitate another terminal block. Or, if your OEM terminal block has failed due to age or corrosion from the elements, you can replace it with a brand new aftermarket unit from Discount Starter & Alternator. At Discount Starter & Alternator, we sell a huge array of quality aftermarket replacement parts for domestic and foreign passenger vehicles. If you’re looking to replace the terminal block for a Jeep Wrangler, in need of a terminal block for car battery, or know how to add terminal block for car audio, shop Discount Starter & Alternator.

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