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Marine Ignition and Marine Sensors

At the very core, the 2 or 4-stroke engines used in personal watercraft are virtually indistinguishable from the engines used in lawnmowers, power equipment, and automobiles. They all work on the same basic principle. The major difference between marine engines and the typical landborne engine is that marine engines are heavily fortified and protected against moisture, water damage, and salt corrosion that occurs when operating on open water. That is why one simply cannot walk into the neighborhood auto parts store, pick up a part or component like an ignition coil pack for a car, and expect it to work on their marine engine without it dying. Marine-specific ignition parts, such as marine temperature sensors, coil plate sets, and coil drivers, are made to withstand the environmental harshness of seawater, salt spray, and excessive moisture. All three would mean certain death to unshielded, unguarded, metal components. As such, Discount Starter & Alternator specializes in marine-grade ignition parts for your marine engine. We carry brand new, OEM-spec, aftermarket (as well as some original equipment) replacement parts for the leading names in watercraft powersports vehicles including OMC, Pleasurecraft, Mercury Marine, Mercruiser, AC Delco, and more. Shop Discount Starter & Alternator for the best deals on Mercury OEM coils for sale, dual coil driver, marine temperature sensor, marine oil pressure sensor, marine water pressure sensor, and other essential parts for marine engines.

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