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Snow Plow Guide Sticks

Fluorescent Guide Sticks for Snow Plows

High Visibility Guide Sticks for Trucks and Snow Plows

Because there are so many different styles, types, and sizes of motor vehicles, outward visibility is often compromised due to these factors. Some ride very low to the ground with long hoods and wide stances. Others can be high up off of the ground where the greenhouse (the area in which you sit) is elevated over the hood lines, creating a false sense of depth. In the 1950s, when style and visual impact took greater precedence over practicality and visibility, some car owners equipped their rides with curb feelers. Curb feelers were strips of flexible metal that stuck out from the wheelwell and, as the name suggests, “felt” curbs by scraping against them. This was so that drivers wouldn’t accidentally ding up their hubcaps, smack tires or, worse yet, rub a body panel along the curb because outward and side-to-side visibility was often quite poor. Guide sticks work in a similar manner, except they are mounted onto the front fenders or bumper panel of a truck, heavy duty rig, or a large piece of equipment such as a full-size snowplow. Guide sticks allow the driver/operator to be aware of their vehicle’s width and judge front distance without blind guessing. This helps the driver/operator maneuver in tight spaces such as crowded or narrow streets, as well as aiding in parking. The bright fluorescent neon coloring of the guide sticks is for high-visibility, so that even smaller passing vehicles can be forewarned of the larger truck’s presence.

Discount Starter & Alternator sells high-visibility guide sticks for your truck, big rig, or snow plow.