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NEW Alternator Rectifier Fits Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L 2008-2011 BR3T-10300-JC

  • SKU: D10895_DSA-PS-12
  • Condition: New

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Denso 140 AMP ER/IF, 160 AMP IR/IF Alternators

Mercury Car Grand Marquis V8 4.6L 281cid 2008
Mercury Car Grand Marquis V8 4.6L 281cid 2009
Mercury Car Grand Marquis V8 4.6L 281cid 2010
Mercury Car Grand Marquis V8 4.6L 281cid 2011


Description: Rectifier
OEM(s): Chrysler, Denso, Dodge
Number of Diodes: 12
Diode Amps: 50
Stud Size: M8-1.25
Rectifier Polarity: Complete Assembly
Unit Polarity: Negative
Mounting: Rectifier OD
Mounting Distance: 4.606in / 117mm
Diode Style: Avalanche
Diode Type: Press Fit
Includes Brush Holder?: No
Includes Capacitor?: No
Includes Trio?: No

-12-50A press-fit avalanche diodes (20-24V)
-Aluminum heat sinks

Replaces these part numbers:

Denso: 021580-7451


Audi, Volkswagen: 7B0-903-015-B, 7B0-903-015A

Chrysler: 04727865AB, 04801304AA, 04801304AC, 04801311AD, 04801480AB, 05033756AB, 4727865AB, 4801251AD, 4801304AA, 4801304AC, 4801311AD, 4801480AB, 5033756AB, 56028697AE, 56028697AG, 56029700AD, 56029914AD, 56029914AG, 56044672AA, 56044672AB, R4727865AB

Denso: 104210-1270, 104210-2330, 104210-292, 104210-2920, 104210-2930, 104210-2960, 104210-2970, 104210-4240, 104210-4241, 104210-5860, 104210-5960, 421000-0380, 421000-0410, 421000-0430, 421000-0470, 421000-0480, 421000-0510, 421000-0512, 421000-0521, 421000-0530, 421000-0540, 421000-0541, 421000-0542, 421000-0560, 421000-0590, 421000-0591, 421000-0700, TN104210-2330, TN104210-2930, TN104210-2960, TN104210-5960

Ford: 9L3T-10300-BB, 9L3Z-10346-B, 9W7T-10300-AA, 9W7Z-10346-A, AW7T-10300-AA, AW7Z-10346-A, BC3T-10300-CA, BC3T-10300-EC, BC3Z-10346-B, BC3Z-10346-C, BR3T-10300-EC, BR3T-10300-JC, BR3Z-10346-A, BR3Z-10346-C, CJ5T-10300-BB, CJ5Z-10346-D, DC2Z-10346-A, GL-933

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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