Agricultural Gauges

No matter how good you might think you are at judging an engine’s performance by just your senses, you never really know for sure just what exactly is going on in your engine when you’ve got it running. That’s why gauges are installed on engines to monitor performance and usage statistics. Tachometers count engine revolutions (RPMs) to let you know whether or not you’re dialed in; fluctuations could be a tell-tale sign of internal trouble. Temperature gauges for exhaust, coolant, and oil display the current readings in case you think you might be running too hot or too cold. Pressure gauges for vacuum, fuel, or oil can warn you of any internal leaks. They’re not just for decoration; they do have a purpose. Or, if you own a vintage machine and you’re looking to restore, chances are that those old gauges just might not be as reliable as they were back when they were brand new. If you’re in need of brand new, OEM-spec aftermarket gauges, make Discount Starter & Alternator your #1 go-to for quality replacement parts for Ford and John Deere farm tractors. Browse our online catalogue and shop with confidence at Discount Starter & Alternator.

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