Agricultural Generators & Alternator Conversion Kits

Before the alternator saw widespread use in engines, DC dynamos (aka, generators) were incorporated to turn mechanical energy from the engine RPMs into usable electrical power. This was the norm for engines before the 1960’s, although some small engines today still use generators. Whereas dynamos made DC (direct current) electricity, alternators converted DC into AC (alternating current) power. They were designed to be more efficient, to provide higher power outputs, and to help keep the battery charged. Owners of older, vintage tractors may prefer to keep their original generators or generator systems intact while others may convert them over to the more modern alternator unit. Whichever is your preference, Discount Starter & Alternator sells brand new, aftermarket OEM-spec replacement generators and alternator conversion kits for generators.

We specialize in replacement parts for the leading brands in agricultural, industrial, automotive, and powersports machines including Ford, John Deere, International, and Massey Ferguson. Browse our online inventory and shop with confidence at Discount Starter & Alternator.

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