Agricultural Water Pumps

A rule for all internal combustion engines is the hotter the spark, the more power it makes. However, too much heat in an engine can be catastrophic. Heat breaks down vital lubricating oil. Heat causes warpage of the internal parts and pieces, leading them to either snap, seize, or literally melt together. Without management, too much heat will kill an engine. That is why cooling systems were designed for these engines. Cooling systems run a water-based liquid chemical coolant in various channels throughout the engine to help manage temperatures. The water pump is a vital component to the cooling system, similar to how the heart acts in the human circulatory system. While the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to replace the blood that is abundant in carbon dioxide, the water pump channels hot water away from the cooling passages and directs cooler water from the heat exchanger back into the passages. It is a constant flow of fluid to prevent hotspots from forming in stagnant areas. Over time, as the coolant breaks down or as age takes effect, a water pump can fail and render your cooling system ineffective until the pump is replaced. Discount Starter & Alternator sells quality, OEM-spec replacement water pumps and pump kits with pulleys for tractors and farm equipment.

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