All Balls Racing Crankshaft Bearings & Seal Kits

When a crankshaft bearing fails, it is typically the result of some other problem within the engine. Engine oil is essential in prolonging the life of crankshaft bearings. Low oil levels or poor quality oil will not have the adequate viscosity to protect against friction. Old oil is contaminated with debris and, over time, becomes acidic. This will cause etching on metal parts which puts weak spots that are prone to breakage. If you are overhauling or rebuilding an engine, new crankshaft bearings and seal kits are an absolute must. Discount Starter & Alternator sells All Balls Racing bearings, seal kits, engine rebuild kits for motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, ATVs and UTVs, and other powersports vehicles. All Balls Racing is a producer of OEM-quality, aftermarket replacement parts for 2 and 4-wheel sport recreational vehicles.

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