All Balls Racing Throttle Cables

Whereas most cars and trucks today use electronic “drive-by-wire” throttle controls, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs still use traditional tensioned throttle cables to attach the accelerator to the carburetor or throttle body in fuel injected systems. An improperly tensioned throttle control cable gives off symptoms such as decreased engine response and poor fuel economy (from having to compensate for the slack in the cable). Dirt and corrosion of the cable itself can cause many of the same ailments as though there is excess slack, but with the additional hazard of the cable physically deteriorating itself. Deterioration and fraying of the cable may cause it to eventually snap, leaving you with no throttle control. Inspect the condition of your engine’s throttle cable and if a replacement is due, trust Discount Starter & Alternator and All Balls Racing to get you back on the road. Discount Starter & Alternator sells All Balls Racing replacement parts for 2 and 4-wheel powersports vehicles. Their parts are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are direct-fit with applications for many popular motorcycle, dirt bike, and ATV makes and models. All Balls Racing aftermarket replacement throttle cables feature a durable black PVC outer jacket, a tightly-wound low compression steel inner casing, pre-lubricated nylon inner sleeve, bird caged wire ends, EPDM molded rubber for high UV resistance and injection molded components manufactured from high strength POM material.

Discount Starter & Alternator sells new, OEM-spec All Balls Racing replacement throttle cables for motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Browse our massive online inventory and shop with full confidence at Discount Starter & Alternator.

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