Starter Bendix

The starter motor provides torque to spin the engine internals, creating suction to draw in air for combustion. Startup is when a vehicle actually experiences the most wear, especially in the starter and the engine itself. The Bendix drive is responsible for the starter motor pinion gear to engage or disengage the engine flywheel during startup. Bendix gears have largely been supplanted by starter solenoids, but many older vehicles on the road still have them. While expertly engineered from the factory to perform on demand, automobile starter parts (including the Bendix drive) can eventually succumb to the effects of time and wear. At that point, you have two options: either purchase a brand new replacement starter, or you can save money by repairing the stock unit yourself. No matter which way you choose, Discount Starter & Alternator has quality replacement, brand new OEM-spec aftermarket starters, automotive starter parts, and repair kits. We specialize in brand new starter bendix drive for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you require a Bendix for starter, an Acura SLX starter drive, or a Dodge Dakota starter drive, browse our massive online inventory and shop with full confidence at Discount Starter & Alternator.

Before you replace your starter, try testing first it to make absolutely sure that it can be salvaged. We'll show you how. Learn how to bench test a standard starter, a single post starter with Bendix drive, and starters without solenoids.

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