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Regulator/Rectifiers for BMW Vehicles

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, more commonly known as BMW, is one of the world’s top premier luxury/performance automobile manufacturers.  BMW also produces motorcycles and engines and is heavily involved in motorsports.  BMW began life after restructuring of the Rapp Motorenwerke company, a firm that produced airplanes. After World War I, the Versailles Armistice Treaty forced BMW to cease all aircraft-engine production. This led to the very first BMW motorcycles in 1923 and eventually cars in 1928.  BMW went back into aircraft engine production and during the second World War, had developed special experimental projects for the Luftwaffe. After World War II, BMW’s automotive division was on the verge of collapse.  Facing liquidation, the company decided to follow the micro-car trend that was sweeping across Europe.  Their version of Italy’s Iso Isetta, a 3-wheeled microcar with only 1 door and a motorcycle engine, gave BMW enough capital to survive.  Today’s modern BMW is a stark contrast from their humble beginnings with airplanes and motorcycle engine-powered microcars. A full range of vehicles including the decadent 7-series full-size executive sedan, the X-series SUVs, comfortable and capable 5 and 6-series grand touring cars, the popular and sporty 3-series compact executive sedan, and the motorsports-oriented M series, BMW embodies the perfect blend of the world’s finest technology, luxury appointments, and driving enjoyment.

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