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Regulator/Rectifiers for Buick Vehicles

Buick is one of GM’s four active domestic brands and is also the oldest marque within the company.  Founded in 1899 by Scottish-born inventor David Dunbar Buick, Buick acted as the foundation on which future parent General Motors was built.  Buick was also an automotive innovator; David Dunbar Buick invented the first “pushrod” overhead valve engine which would later become a longtime traditional staple for GM engines--particularly, their V8 engines.  They had also created the first-ever car with turn signals and in 1948, introduced the first torque-converted automatic transmission.  Historically, Buick was a premium automobile manufacturer that was slotted above Chevrolet but below Cadillac in the lineup; this brand positioning still holds true today.  Buick also satisfied those with a need for speed, belying their place in the luxury car segment, with the blistering Gran Sport Stage 2, domineering GSX, and the sinister NASCAR-inspired Grand National GNX.  This McLaren-engineered variant of the otherwise docile Buick Regal latter actually made due with a turbocharged V6 and was among the fastest production cars of the late 1980s, even displacing such names like Porsche, Ferrari, and GM’s own Chevrolet Corvette.  But despite Buick’s strip and oval track performance, the brand also carried the dubious distinction as being the most popular marque among senior citizens.  At one point in time, Buick’s average customer age was 70 and the company had attempted multiple times to shake the image of being a car for retirees. Classic nameplates like Electra, LeSabre, Riviera, and Roadmaster carried lots of historic American nostalgia, but did nothing to attract new buyers.  More recently, Buick has trimmed the fat in their product lineup and gave it a complete overhaul; replacing the classically large, floaty full-size sedans with smaller, nimble, sport-tuned sedans featuring modern, European-style performance and technology.

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