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Regulator/Rectifiers for Daewoo Vehicles

Daewoo is not a particularly common or popular automotive brand in America but in its native South Korea, the company originally known as National Motor in 1937 was the country’s first-ever automobile brand.  National Motor became Saenara Motors in the Fall of 1962 and, at the time, they were a fully-modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly plant for the Datsun (Nissan) Bluebird P310 sedan, which they also sold.  In 1965, Saenara Motors was purchased by Shinjin and after forming a partnership with Toyota, Saenara was renamed Shinjin Motors.  Shinjin Motors then entered an alliance with General Motors in 1972 after Toyota’s departure.  Now called Saehan Motor, the company produced and sold vehicles under the Saehan and GMK (General Motors Korea) marques.  Financial struggles for parent company Shinjin forced them to sell their 50% stake to the Korean government, which was then acquired by the Daewoo Group.  Now called Daewoo Motors, the manufacturer resumed their relationship with GM and until 1996, all Daewoo cars were based off of preexisting GM cars.  As a result of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Daewoo sold their automotive division to GM in 2001.  Operating as a GM subsidiary, Daewoo imported models such as the Lanos and Leganza into the United States.  GM, in turn, would rebrand these cars under the Chevrolet name; the Chevrolet Aveo being a prime example.  After the 2008 auto industry crisis, GM dissolved and reorganized Daewoo into GM Korea.  Today, GM Korea produces vehicles for Chevrolet, Buick, Holden, and Opel.

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