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Regulator/Rectifiers for Dodge Vehicles

The automaker that would one day go on to produce the most powerful production car in the entire world started over a century ago as a small machine shop in Hamtramck, MI owned by Horace and John Dodge.  The Dodge Brothers Company was a supplier of engines and chassis for Detroit’s booming automotive industry.  Among their high-profile clients were the Olds Motor Vehicle Company (later known as the Oldsmobile division of General Motors) and the newly-formed Ford Motor Company.  In 1914, the Dodge brothers created their first car, the 4-cylinder Dodge Model 30. It was seen as a more luxurious and upscale version of Ford’s Model T and introduced many features that would later become standard practice for the industry such as all-steel construction and a 12 volt electrical system.  After a split and ugly corresponding legal war with former business partner Henry Ford, Dodge’s Model 30 garnered such accolade and sales success that they became the #2 manufacturer in America.  In 1928, after the deaths of founders John and Horace Dodge, the Chrysler Corporation purchased the Dodge brand and resumed construction of their popular line of cars and light duty trucks.  Chrysler repositioned the brand multiple times in an effort to find a way to market the vehicles, whilst not disrupting sales from their pre-established brands Plymouth, DeSoto, and their own eponymous marque.  Dodge’s best days came during the 1960s muscle car era, thanks in part to the Chrysler HEMI V8 and beastly Magnum 400 engines.  They rapidly became a force to be reckoned with in NHRA drag racing and NASCAR stock car oval racing and track-inspired models like the Charger, Coronet, Daytona, Demon, and Challenger would earn them bragging rights both on the racetrack and, where it mattered the most, on the street.  Dodge’s famous Ram pickup truck would also help define the company’s image as a rugged, tough, and dependable brand.  Now, over half a century later, Dodge reintroduces classic American muscle for the modern times with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class-derived HEMI V8-powered Charger muscle sedan and Challenger coupe, the “American Exotic” Viper V10 performance GT roadster, Durango SUV, and the world’s most powerful production car, the supercharged SRT Demon.

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