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Regulator/Rectifiers for GMC Vehicles

GMC is the light-duty, heavy-duty, and commercial truck division of General Motors.  Originally founded by William C. Durant as a Buick holding company on September 26th, 1908, GM purchased the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company; a developer of the earliest commercial-grade trucks. This formed the core of the General Motors Truck Company, which later became GMC.  Since 1920, GMC and Chevrolet trucks were virtually identical, save for slight interior and exterior styling differences.  GMC’s only car, the Sprint, debuted in 1971 and, for all intents and purposes, was identical to the Chevrolet El Camino.  In 1978, the Sprint was renamed the Caballero and lasted until its discontinuation in 1987. From then on, GMC continued to exist as purely a “truck only” company.  As they have been since 1920, GMC trucks continue to be semi-clones of their Chevrolet corporate cousins.  However, due to the growing trend of luxury trucks and SUVs at the turn of the new millennium, GMC introduced the Denali trim package as a way to slightly differentiate themselves from Chevrolet.  The Denali package was intended to compete with Ford’s Lincoln Blackwood luxury pickup truck and Navigator SUV and served as the basis for Cadillac’s own luxury truck, the Escalade. GMC’s current model lineup consists of the Sierra full-size pickup, Canyon midsize pickup, Yukon full-size SUV, and crossover utility vehicles Acadia and Terrain.  They also manufacture commercial vans, work trucks, and heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles.

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