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Regulator/Rectifiers for Infiniti Vehicles

As a direct response to the overnight success of Honda’s Acura brand, Nissan created the Infiniti marque to join in on the Japanese-made sporty luxury segment in North America.  Nissan brought Infiniti to the United States in 1989 as a way to market their other JDM vehicles which did not have a spot within the Nissan North American lineup.  The Infiniti brand was launched with two new-for-America models, the Q45 and M30, which already existed in Japan as the Nissan President executive car and Leopard midsize luxury sport sedan, respectively.  Infiniti had a slow start in the United States but in 1996, the brand had entered competition in the Indy Racing League, which helped the company develop an image that, like Acura, blends and marrs the lines between performance and luxury.  By the 2000s, Infiniti was catching up with competing brands Acura and Lexus by incorporating the legendary Nissan Fairlady Z (the Z-car) and Skyline sports cars into their product lineup as the foundations of their best-selling G-series coupes and sedans.  Nowadays, Infiniti competes on the Formula 1 circuit and this connection to motorsports is what inspires and helps bring to life the current Infiniti formula into their product line.  Nine models comprise the Infiniti lineup.  These include the Q30 compact hatchback, the Q50 compact sedan, Q06 entry-level executive midsize, Q70 executive car, QX30 crossover, and QX50/60/70/80 SUVs.

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