Commercial Starters

Vehicles that see extended service, perform extreme severe duty tasks, or are subjected to heavy usage require an even more stringent maintenance schedule. These machines accumulate more mileage and wear and tear than the typical passenger vehicle. Because we are so heavily reliant on commercial vehicles to support our businesses, provide services, and get us from point A to point B; it is important that there be quality replacement parts available in the event that a component should unexpectedly fail. Discount Starter & Alternator is a direct importer of brand new, OEM-spec aftermarket replacement parts for commercial trucks, vans, buses, tractor trailers, and other heavy duty work vehicles.

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Before you replace your starter, try testing first it to make absolutely sure that it can be salvaged.  We'll show you how.  Learn how to bench test a standard starter, a single post starter with Bendix drive, and starters without solenoids.

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