Industrial Starters

Of all the systems in your vehicle, the starter is the key component of operation. After all, it does what the name implies: starts the engine’s internal combustion cycle. Don’t let a dead or dying starter motor keep you off the road. Discount Starter & Alternator sells quality, brand new replacement starters that are built to OEM specifications. We cover starters for leading automotive and industrial marques including General Motors, Ford, Deutz, Blue Bird Corporation, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, New Holland, Peterbilt, and others. Browse our online inventory and shop with full confidence today.

At Discount Starter & Alternator, we specialize in aftermarket replacement parts such as starters and alternators for automotive, commercial, and industrial use.

Before you replace your starter, try testing first it to make absolutely sure that it can be salvaged.  We'll show you how.  Learn how to bench test a standard starter, a single post starter with Bendix drive, and starters without solenoids.

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