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CDI Modules

Marine CDI Modules

Capacitor Discharge Ignition Modules for Mercury Marine Outboard Motors

Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) is an automotive ignition system that is commonly used in powersports machines such as outboard motors.  As an alternative to high inductance coils for Inductive Discharge Ignition (IDI), the CDI module is more suitable for high-RPM engine speeds commonly associated with small engines, high-performance racing engines, rotary engines, and outboards.  Marine-grade CDI ignition coil packs work in a way similar to the coil pack (or distributor, in older vehicles) for a car’s engine.  It delivers power to the spark plug which, in turn, ignites the fuel/air mixture that’s necessary for internal combustion, thus making horsepower.  If your boat, jet ski, waverunner, or personal watercraft seems to be running a bit rough and the engine just doesn’t seem to be performing as well as it should, there is a chance that your ignition system could be compromised.  Trust Discount Starter & Alternator to be your #1 source for marine engine replacement parts, ignition and electrical components.  We stock CDI modules and CDI coil packs for popular personal watercraft powersports machines from Mercury Marine and other leading manufacturers.