Marine Solenoids

Marine Starter Solenoid, Solenoid for Outboard Motor

In a motor vehicle--whether it be a car, truck, motorcycle, or personal watercraft--the starter solenoid (starter relay) is the link that connects the battery power to the engine. Large current from the battery, along with small current from the ignition switch, is applied to the starter. The solenoid closes off the high-current contacts which, in turn, allows for the starter motor to crank the engine. For marine applications, starter solenoids are built tougher than their standard automotive counterparts. They are shielded and protected against moisture and salt-related corrosion; the added challenges of using electric ignition and internal combustion engines over water versus the relatively-dryer streets and roads. Symptoms of a dead or dying starter solenoid are fairly obvious: audible clicking, engine refusing to fire, etc. However, most will readily assume that it is the entire starter itself that is the problem and are ready to replace the whole unit. In many cases, the starter motor will be fine but the solenoid will have failed. Instead of spending the extra money on an all-new starter, check out Discount Starter & Alternator and browse our immense online inventory of brand new, aftermarket replacement starter solenoids, starter relays, and switches for popular personal watercraft applications by Yamaha and other leading manufacturers. We carry marine starter switches, marine relays and marine grade relays, marine solenoids, and starter solenoids for marine engine.

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