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In boating, tilt and trim refers to how the boat travels through the water. The TILT adjustment raises or lowers the engine in and out of the water while TRIM determines the running angle of the boat; raising or lowering the bow. Typically, think TILT for low-speed (not under load) and TRIM for higher speeds. TRIM is analogous to how the front end of a dragster lifts off the ground on a pass. Rearward thrust forces the front to left and as the boat engine is located at the rear, more speed will cause the front to raise. Modern inboard/outboard engines feature tilt trim in a singular package. Both are integral parts of how a boat performs and handles through water. If tilt and/or trim fails and you are in need of a replacement tilt trim motor for your outboard engine, Discount Starter & Alternator is here to help. We specialize in brand new, aftermarket replacement tilt trim motors and pumps for outboard motors from Mercury Marine, Mercruiser, Yamaha, Honda, Johnson, Evinrude, Sea-Doo, and other popular powersports and personal watercraft manufacturers. Shop Discount Starter & Alternator for a new tilt and trim motor for Evinrude outboard, Yamaha tilt and trim motor, Mercury tilt and trim motor, and other well-known outboard motor manufacturers and marine engine producers.

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