Prestolite Electric Motors & Heavy Duty Electrical Equipment

Prestolite Electric is a global manufacturer of electrical components for automotive, transportation, military, marine, agricultural, industrial, and construction industries. They also produce aftermarket pieces under the Indiel (Argentina), Leece-Neville, and Prestolite Electric brand names. Prestolite Electric is a amalgamation of different companies dating as far back as 1911 with Electric Autolite. In 1963, Electric Autolite Company merges with the Merganthaler Linotype Company to form the Eltra Corporation while the former Autolite phase becomes the Prestolite Motor and Ignition Company. Prestolite Motor and Ignition was purchased by investors in 1986, becoming Prestolite Electric and today, the corporation operates production and engineering facilities across China, Europe, and the United States. Prestolite Electric continues to manufacture alternators, starters, electric motors, and other electrical equipment.

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