Waltco Hydraulic Lift Gate Motors & Pumps

Waltco was born in 1954, in Gardena, California, as a division of aerospace parts manufacturer, Waltco Engineering. At the request of one of Waltco Engineering’s largest customers, the United States Department of Defense, the company entered the liftgate manufacturing business. Waltco Engineering became a leading name in liftgates and produced a full line of flipaway, hybrid slider/flipaway and railgate products which earned them a strong and loyal base of customers, including major leasing companies such as Ryder and Hertz. In 1986, Waltco was purchased by Zepro Tail Lifts, part of Finland’s Cargotec Corporation. The merger of Waltco Truck Equipment and Ultron Lift Corp resulted in the birth of the new Waltco Lift Corp.

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