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Snow Plow Augers

Snow Plow Auger Agitator and Spinner Disk for Meyer Salt Spreaders

Snow Plow Auger and Salt Spreader Parts, Spinner Disks, Agitators, Hubs

The auger is a corkscrew-like helical bit that, for snowplows, is often seen inside the front bucket (as opposed to the flat-blade style plow) or in a salt spreader. For the front bucket, the auger cuts and chews through clumps of solid ice and heavy frozen chunks of snow. The now-broken up solid pieces are degraded into slush, making it easier to manage and remove. In a salt spreader, a smaller auger inside the salt bucket agitates the salt rocks which allows for easy dispersion through the spinner dish onto the slush. This, in turn, will improve the salt’s effectiveness in melting away the semi-frozen mess, thus creating those unattractive piles of greyish-black sludge at the edge of the roads seen during Winter. When Winter weather deposits a variety of hazardous conditions, from freezing rain and heavy snowfall to inconsistent freezing/thawing patterns, a basic blade plow might not be sufficient enough to clear the roadways. These are the types of situations where the auger-type snowplow is employed. It is absolutely important that these snow and ice management machines are 100% operational and Discount Starter & Alternator stocks the necessary components and maintenance parts to keep these heavy pieces of equipment prepared to tackle any oncoming Winter storm.

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