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Snow Plow Cutting Edge

Rubber Cutting Edge for Snow Plow Blades

Rubber Cutting Edge for Snow Plows

When the plow catches snow on the road, it is not actually the metal blade or bucket that drags along the street surface. Bare metal would tear large chunks out of the road surface, not to mention the accompanying shower of sparks and unbearable noise and vibration as the metal grinds across the tarmac. What actually makes contact with the snow and the road is a thick strip of rubber known as the cutting edge. The cutting edge is installed at the edge of a snowplow’s blade or bucket and “cuts” across the snow, lifting it off of the street. It works much like a rubber squeegee on a pane of glass, wiping away water droplets and leaving behind a clean and clear surface. Keep in mind of the cutting edge’s purpose; it’s purposely designed to endure abuse from friction, impacts, and the caustic ice-melting chemicals used to treat the roads during Winter. These parts are consumable items and are NOT created to last the life of the plow. Eventually, the cutting edge will sustain enough damage to the point where it will be rendered useless and at that point, it will need to be changed. Fortunately, Discount Starter & Alternator stocks rubber cutting edges that are direct-fit applications for popular snow plow models from brands such as Blizzard, Boss, Meyer, Diamond, Fisher, and more. Cutting edges are available in a variety of sizes spanning from 51 and 53.09 inches to full-size 120 inch lengths.

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