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Snow Plow Shoe Assembly

Snow Plow Shoe Assemblies

Replacement Shoe Assemblies for Snow Plows

The snow plow blade or bucket is made from heavy-gauge metal. As the blade drags along the street surface, the only two lines of defense that the blade has against being ground down to bits along the tarmac are the rubber cutting edge and the shoe assembly. Snowplow shoes help the blade glide over the road surface while minimizing wear and abuse absorbed by the cutting edge. Snowplow shoes are also effective at reducing the chance for your plow blade to accidentally dig in and mar the road surface. Snowplow shoes are removable and available in a wide array of sizes and direct-fit applications; you can choose to equip your plow with alternating types of snowplow shoes according to the type of surface on which your plow will be used. For straight blades, plow shoes are typically included as standard equipment but for heavier V-style plows, the shoes are not often included. Discount Starter & Alternator sells aftermarket replacement snowplow shoe assemblies that are compatible with Fisher, Snoway, Western, and Boss plows.

Shop Discount Starter & Alternator for replacement snow plow shoe assemblies and help protect your plow’s cutting edge.