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New 2G / IAR Alternator Regulator Fits Mercury Cougar Lynx Sable Topaz

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Ford 2G/IAR Integral Regulated Alternators

Mercury Car

Cougar V6 3.8L 232cid 1987-1988
Cougar V6 3.8L 232cid 1991-1993
Cougar V6 3.8L 232cid wo/Supercharger 1989-1990

Grand Marquis V8 5.0L 302cid VIN F 1986-1991

Lynx L4 1.9L 116cid 1985-1987
Lynx L4 2.0L 1989cc 122cid Diesel 1986-1987

Sable L4 2.5L 153cid 1986

Topaz L4 2.0L 1989cc 122cid Diesel 1986
Topaz L4 2.3L 140cid 1984-1991


Description: Regulator, Electronic
Brand: Regitar
OEM(s): Ford
Voltage: 12
Set Point: 14.7
Terminal ID: Light-Stator-Ignition
Polarity: Negative
Includes Brush Holder?: No
Activation: Ignition
Adjustable?: No
Circuit Type: A-Circuit
Includes Rectifier?: No
Includes Tolerance Ring?: No

Digital Dash Compatible
Very low standby drain
Low Vsat & fast switching

Replaces these part numbers:

Ford: E43F-10316-AA, E43Z-10316-A, E43Z-10316-B, E63F-10316-AA, E63F-10316-AB, E63Z-10316-AB, E6TZ-10316-A, E73F-10316-AB, E73F-10316-AC, E73Z-10316-A, GR784, GR784A, GR784B

OEM Unit Numbers:

Ford: E43F-10300-EA, E43F-10300-PA, E43F-10300-RA, E43F-10346-BA, E43Z-10346-B, E43Z-10346-D, E53F-10300-AA, E53F-10300-BA, E53F-10300-DA, E53F-10300-EA, E53F-10300-FA, E53F-10300-GA, E53F-10300-HA, E53F-10346-BA, E53F-10346-DA, E53Z-10346-A, E57F-10300-AA, E57F-10300-BA, E57F-10346-BA, E59F-10300-DA, E5TZ-10346-A, E62F-10300-CA, E63F-10300-AB, E63F-10300-BB, E63F-10300-CB, E63F-10300-DA, E63F-10346-BA, E63Z-10346-A, E63Z-10346-B, E67F-10300-CA, E67F-10300-DA, E67F-10300-EA, E67F-10300-FA, E67F-10346-AA, E67F-10346-CA, E69F-10300-AA, E69F-10300-BA, E69F-10346-AA, E69F-10346-BA, E69Z-10346-A, E6AF-10300-AA, E6AF-10300-BA, E6DF-10300-BA, E6DF-10300-DA, E6DF-10300-EA, E6DF-10300-EB, E6DF-10300-GA, E6DF-10346-BA, E6DF-10346-CA, E6DZ-10346-B, E6DZ-10346-C, E6EF-10300-EA, E6EF-10300-FA, E6EF-10300-GA, E6EF-10300-HA, E6EF-10300-JA, E6EF-10346-CA, E6FZ-10346-A, E6FZ-10346-C, E6SF-10300-BA, E6TF-10300-BA, E6TF-10300-CA, E6TF-10346-AA, E6TZ-10346-A, E6TZ-10346-ARM, E6TZ-10346-ARM1, E6TZ-10346-B, E6TZ-10346-C, E6UF-10300-AA, E6ZF-10300-CA, E6ZF-10346-BA, E6ZZ-10346-B, E72F-10300-DA, E73F-10300-BA, E73F-10300-CA, E79F-10300-BA, E7AF-10300-BA, E7AF-10300-BA, E7AF-10300-CA, E7AF-10300-DA, E7DF-10300-GA, E7DF-10300-GA, E7EF-10300-CB, E7EF-10300-DB, E7EF-10300-EB, E7EF-10300-FB, E7EF-10300-GA, E7PF-10346-AA, E7PF-10346-BA, E7PF-10346-CA, E7PF-10346-DA, E7PF-10346-FA, E7PF-10346-GA, E7PF-10346-KA, E7PF-10346-LA, E7PF-10346-MA, E7PF-10346-NA, E7PF-10346-UA, E7PF-10346-XA, E7PF-10346-ZA, E7PZ-10346-C, E7PZ-10346-D, E7PZ-10346-DRM, E7PZ-10346-DRM1, E7PZ-10346-E, E7PZ-10346-F, E7PZ-10346-FRM, E7PZ-10346-G, E7PZ-10346-H, E7PZ-10346-J, E7PZ-10346-K, E7PZ-10346-KRM, E7PZ-10346-KRM1, E7PZ-10346-L, E7PZ-10346-LRM, E7PZ-10346-LRM1, E7PZ-10346-M, E7PZ-10346-N, E7PZ-10346-NRM, E7PZ-10346-NRM1, E7SF-10300-FA, E7SF-10300-GA, E7SF-10300-HA, E7SF-10300-KA, E7SF-10300-LA, E7SF-10300-MA, E7TF-10300-BA, E7TF-10300-LA, E7TF-10300-MA, E7TF-10300-SA, E7ZF-10300-BA, E7ZF-10300-DA, E7ZF-10300-EA, E7ZF-10300-FA, E87F-10300-AA, E87F-10300-BA, E87F-10300-CA, E8EF-10300-AB, E8HT-10300-HA, E8PF-10346-AA, E8PF-10346-CB, E8PF-10346-DA, E8PZ-10346-A, E8PZ-10346-ARM, E8PZ-10346-ARM1, E8PZ-10346-C, E8PZ-10346-CRM, E8PZ-10346-CRM1, E8SF-10300-BA, E8TF-10300-BA, E8TF-10300-CA, E97F-10300-AB, E97F-10300-BA, E99F-10300-AB, E99F-10300-BA, E99F-10300-BA, E9EF-10300-AA, E9EF-10300-BA, E9PF-10300-AB, E9PF-10346-AA, E9PF-10346-AB, E9PF-10346-BA, E9PF-10346-CB, E9PZ-10346-A, E9PZ-10346-ARM, E9PZ-10346-ARM, E9PZ-10346-ARM1, E9PZ-10346-B, E9PZ-10346-BRM, E9PZ-10346-BRM1, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-CRM1, E9PZ-10346-D, E9SF-10300-BA, E9UF-10300-BA, E9UF-10300-DA, EDE57F-10300-AA, EDE57F-10300-BA, F09F-10300-AA, F09F-10300-BA, F0EU-10300-AA, F0PF-10346-AA, F0PF-10346-BA, F0PZ-10346-A, F0PZ-10346-ARM, F0PZ-10346-ARM1, F0PZ-10346-B, F0PZ-10346-BRM, F0PZ-10346-E, F0PZ-10346-F, F0TU-10300-CA, F0TU-10300-DA, F0TU-10300-EA, F0TU-10300-FA, F0TU-10300-GA, F0TU-10300-HA, F7PZ-10346-K, F7PZ-10346-KRM, FOPZ-10346-A, FOPZ-10346-ARM1, FOPZ-10346-B, FOPZ-10346-BRM1, FOPZ-10346-E, FOPZ-10346-F

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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