New Starter Audi Volkswagen 02A-911-023L, 0-001-121-008

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About This Item

This is a Brand NEW Starter for AUDI and VOLKSWAGEN vehicles.

2000  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT17820N
2001  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT17820N
2002  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT17781N
2003  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT, 5-Spd17781N | 17919N
2004  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT, 5-Spd17781N | 17919N
2005  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT, 5-Spd17781N | 17919N
2006  AUDI    TT COUPE / QUATTRO    1.8L  w/MT, 5-Spd17781N | 17919N
1999  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    1.8L  w/MT17781N
2000  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    1.8L  w/MT17781N
2001  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    1.8L  w/MT17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    1.8L  Exc Turbo S Models, w/MT17781N | 17919N
2003  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    1.8L  Exc Turbo S Models, w/MT17781N | 17919N
2004  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    1.8L  Exc Turbo S Models, w/MT17781N | 17919N
1998  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT, From 3/199817781N | 17416N
1999  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2000  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2001  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2003  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2004  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2005  VOLKSWAGEN    BEETLE    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2000  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  w/MT17781N
2001  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2003  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2004  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2005  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2006  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
1999  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT, w/2 Mtg Holes17781N | 17415N
2000  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2001  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  Eng Code AVH, w/MT17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  Eng Code AZG17781N
2003  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2004  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2005  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2006  VOLKSWAGEN    GOLF    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2000  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    1.8L  w/MT17781N
2001  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2003  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2004  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
2005  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    1.8L  Std, w/MT17820N | 17781N
1999  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT, w/2 Mtg Holes17781N | 17415N
2000  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2001  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2002  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2003  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2004  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT17781N
2005  VOLKSWAGEN    JETTA    2.0L  w/MT17781N
*The last column in the table above shows part numbers for other starters that are for the same vehicle with different options. You can mouse over the links for more details or click the link to go directly to the description page for that part.


0-001-121-008, 0-001-121-009,
0-001-121-026, 0-001-121-027

Iskra Sales
IS 1094

Iskra Tech

Lucas Electrical Europe


OEM(s):Bosch, Volkswagen
Voltage:12 Volts
kW:1.1 kW
Teeth/Splines:10 Teeth/Splines
Pinion/Splines OD:26.7mm / 1.051in
Mounting Hole 1:12.5mm ID:Unthreaded
Mounting Hole 2:12.5mm ID:Unthreaded
Approximate Weight:7.51lbs / 3.41kg

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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