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New Starter Ford Mazda Mercury 4R3T-11000-AA SA-860

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This is a Brand NEW Starter for FORD, MAZDA, and MERCURY vehicles.

1997  FORD    AEROSTAR    4.0L(245) V6  2nd Prod3271N
1997  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT, 2nd Prod3271N | 3232N | 3240N
1998  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
1999  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2000  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2001  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2002  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2003  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2004  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2005  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2006  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  From 12/2005--
2006  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  To 12/2005--
2007  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2008  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2009  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2010  FORD    EXPLORER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2005  FORD    MUSTANG    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2006  FORD    MUSTANG    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2007  FORD    MUSTANG    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2008  FORD    MUSTANG    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2009  FORD    MUSTANG    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2010  FORD    MUSTANG    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT6694N
1998  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
1999  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2000  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2001  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2002  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2003  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2004  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2005  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2006  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2007  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2008  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2009  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
2010  FORD    RANGER    4.0L(245) V6  w/AT3240N
1998  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
1999  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2000  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2001  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2002  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2003  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2004  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2005  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2006  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
2007  MAZDA    B SERIES PICKUPS    4.0L  w/AT3240N
1998  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
1999  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2000  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2001  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2002  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2003  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2004  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2005  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2006  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2007  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2008  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2009  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
2010  MERCURY    MOUNTAINEER    4.0L(245) V6  All--
*The last column in the table above shows part numbers for other starters that are for the same vehicle with different options. You can mouse over the links for more details or click the link to go directly to the description page for that part.



4R3T-11000-AB, 4R3Z-11002-AA,
F89U-11000-BA, F89U-11000-BB,
F89Z-11002-BA, 5L2T-11000-AA,
5L2Z-11002-AA, 6L2T-11000-CA,
6L2Z-11002-C, 6L2T-11000-AA,
6L2Z-11002-AA, 7R3Z-11002-A

4R3T-AA, 4R3T-AB, F89U-BA,
F89U-BB, 5L2T-AA, 6L2T-CA

ZZP2-18-400, ZZP2-18-400A

SA-860, SA-930, SA-942,
SA-945, SA-962, SA-972

OEM(s): Mazda, Ford
Type: PMGR
Voltage: 12 Volts
Rotation: CW
Teeth/Splines: 10 Teeth/Splines
Pinion/Splines OD: 27.7mm / 1.091in
Mounting Hole 1: 11.0mm ID Unthreaded
Mounting Hole 2: 11.0mm ID Unthreaded
Approximate Weight: 8.4 lbs / 3.82 kg

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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