Industrial Alternators

Heavy duty industrial machines such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, and tractors have might greater power requirements than your typical passenger vehicle. As such, OEM manufacturers have built specialized industrial electrical alternators that can handle the amount of power output needed by these machines. However, these alternators, like the one found in your vehicle’s engine bay, can also fall victim to the effects of age and time was would a passenger car’s alternator. Discount Starter & Alternator is your source for brand new, OEM-spec aftermarket alternators. We stock quality replacement parts for the leading names in automotive, personal recreational, commercial, and industrial machines. We sell Mitsubishi industrial alternators, Hitachi industrial alternators, and other top quality examples from the leading names in industrial alternator manufacturers. Discount Starter & Alternator is a direct importer of brand new, OEM-spec aftermarket replacement parts. Browse our extensive online inventory and shop online with full confidence for industrial alternators online at Discount Starter & Alternator.

Learn how to test the voltage in your own alternator by clicking this link: How to Check an Alternator.

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