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Marine Alternators

For Popular Engines by Mercury Marine, Honda, Johnson, and Others

An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy into electricity VIA alternating current.  The first alternator was invented in 1890 and by the 1960s, they found their way into cars and trucks, supplanting the old DC dynamo generator.  Marine alternators are constructed in a similar fashion to the automotive grade alternator, with the notable exception of marine alternators being shielded from moisture and salt spray.  Not only is water bad for electrical components, the salt in the ocean air and seawater is highly corrosive to metal, such as the copper innards of an alternator.  Marine alternators also differ from automotive alternators by incorporating such marine-specific features including spark screens, double insulation, corrosion-resistant metals and coatings, battery-sensing regulators, and durable enclosed compartments.  Discount Starter & Alternator specializes in brand new, aftermarket replacement alternators for inboard engines, outboard motors, sterndrives, and marine engines.  We stock brand new units that meet or exceed OEM quality and are available in high-performance applications, as well as various outputs including 35 amp, 94 amp, and 100 amp alternators.   Find brand new, OEM-quality replacement alternators for marine engines at Discount Starter & Alternator.

Don't let a faulty alternator ruin your fun on the water.  Learn how to test alternator voltage by clicking this link: How to Check an Alternator.